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Light, durable and with a high payload.

A minimal empty weight for concrete mixers is crucial for business. Every reduction in weight means a higher payload and lower costs for fuel, tyres, fees and taxes. Certain partly countryspecific regulations also place requirements on empty and total weight.
The new lightweight Intermix concrete mixer addresses precisely this point. Both its drum wall and the helices are made of 3 millimetre Hardox steel sheets. Thanks to the excellent properties of Hardox in terms of hardness, toughness, strength and wear-and-tear, these low sheet thicknesses achieve the same service life with a reduced empty weight.

Benefits of lightweights with Hardox:

  • Saving up to 18% in weight
  • Lower usage and operating costs
  • Constant durability
  • Higher payload

Product range

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 Lightweight Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer P 6 Ultra Light
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Concrete Mixer P 7 Ultra Light
P 7 Ultra Light >>
Concrete Mixer P 8 Ultra Light
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Concrete Mixer P 9 Ultra Light
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Concrete Mixer P 9.1 Ultra Light
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Concrete mixer P 10 Ultra Light
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Concrete Mixer P 12 Ultra Light
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