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Putzmeister international


Academy at Putzmeister
Profit from professional knowledge
AK 3498
Academy at Putzmeister
Customer seminars 2015
PM 2337
Cleaning accessories
For all delivery lines. Quick and reliable cleaning, lower wear costs.
BP 4126
Concrete brake
Genius, because it is so simple
BP 4494
Concrete Technology for Pumps
Concrete Technology for Pumps
BP 2158
Delivery line systems
Safely from A to B
BP 2300
End hose accessories
Working safely thanks to intelligent ideas
BP 4496
End hose shut-off valve (EQV)
Combining brawn with brains
BP 4495
Ergonic Systems
The technical advancement for more efficiency and a maximum utilisation
BP 3763
Follow me
Ergonomic and secure concreting thanks to boom control at end hose
BP 3877
High-rise pumping at the Burj Dubai
at over 400 bar delivery pressure
BP 3893
MXR Multi boom
a quick-change artist on the construction site
BP 3230
Partial flow filter
Quite clearly: Your oil
BP 4497
The two-layer delivery line for professionals
BP 2597
S transfer tube wear parts
Hardened and long-life
BP 4490
S transfer tube wear parts made from hard metal
Success is in the detail
BP 4493
SH end hose
Everything under control
BP 4504
Sustained impetus for your concrete conveying
BP 4492
Wedge coupling for ZX delivery lines
Well-rounded into one
BP 4545


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