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Muck pumping and ring space injection with Putzmeister technology

Clean and safe conveying of large amounts of muck by using pumps, the way Putzmeister has mastered the conveying technology of high density solids and the experience gained from more than 100 tunnel construction projects, make us the right partner for complete solutions for conveying muck out of tunnels.
In addition to the extensive consultancy, machines such as the drive units, crushing and sorting plants, conveying belts, screens, mixing troughs, high performance pumps, silos above ground, etc. belong to the scope of supply. Double piston pumps supply a performance of up to 250 cu.m/h per pump unit. By using them tunnel machines can be equipped with diameters of up to 14 metres. Numerous operations in Asia as well as in Europe (e.g. Botlek Tunnel in the Netherlands) demonstrate the strengths of this method compared to the transport of the soil by centrifugal pumps or via conveyor belts or screws.


Continous ring space filling for tubbing

Depending on rock, construction method and time plan, different machines for the injection of mortar are used in tunnel construction. Putzmeisters’ programme includes everything from the smallest single machine to fill anchor holes, worm pumps for low pressure work to piston pumps for pressures up to 10 MPa (1450 psi).

In combination with important accessories such as turbo mixers, high pressure valves, high pressure rotor distributors, special delivery lines, auger conveyors, flow meters, pressure gauges, etc. plants can be individually arranged for the most advanced methods.

TRIA, i.e. continous ring space filling for tubbing, is usually used behind the tunnelling machine.


Powerful KOV double-piston pumps for free-flowing material containing up to 70% solids with an attractive price.

Double-piston pumps with ball valves for the economically efficient conveying of fine-grained mortars and low-consistency slurries containing aggregate up to 20 mm in size. High performance, ranging up to 60 cu.m/h and 13 MPa (1886 psi), means large safety reserves for the pumping process and allows economic, clean and safe conveying by pipeline over several kilometres.



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