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Economic concrete distribution with stationary booms

The main advantages of the MX type series:

MX placing booms with counterweight are the ideal solution for climbing formwork in particular. They are well balanced and so minimise the pump torque acting on the climbing formwork. The boom with counter-weight has even proved that it is capable of operating extremely well at great freestanding heights.

Features of the large booms


The tubular column system RS 850

The lattice tower system

 The MX stationary boom
Stationary Placing boom MXR 24-4MX Stationary booms are the ideal solution for building of multistoried buildings, bridges and other large projects.
MXR 24-4 >>
MXR 28-4 Multi
MXR 28-4 Multi >>
Stationary Placing boom MXR 32-4 Multi
MXR 32-4 Multi >>
Stationary Placing boom MXR 36-4 Multi
MXR 36-4 Multi >>
MXG 42-5
MXG 42-5 >>
MXG 50-4
MXKD 50-4 >>


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