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Saving fuel


Cut costs - preserve the environment and the machine.

Against the background of continually rising fuel prices, optimising the consumption of concrete pumps also helps to cut costs. It is important to distinguish between pure driving mode (to the construction site and back) and actual pumping operations.


Experience in the field

Only around 20-30% of fuel is needed for pumping.
If drivers are trained correctly, e.g. by taking part in truck manufacturers' courses, even greater savings can be achieved in driving mode.

Concrete pumps - tips & tricks saving fuel

Consumption differences in practice

Experience with large customers
Large customers report that, in practice. there is hardly any difference in the consumption of fuel between the leading concrete pump manufacturers.

Driving mode

Cut costs
Fuel consumption in driving mode is determined by a comparatively high number of factors


Fuel management system
A machine operator could reduce the amount of diesel approximately 250 l to 450 l per year.


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