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Free-flow hydraulics (FFH)

Free Flow Hydraulic scheme
  Benefits at a glance      
  •  More power and less energy lost
  • High Efficiency
  • While valves interrupt the oil flow in other systems, the intelligent control directs the oil into the drive cylinders without significant losses
  • Expensive control blocks are not required which avoids the oil heating up and makes servicing easier
  • Good ratio ensures powerful, convenient Operation

Today concrete pumps are predominantly operated by hydraulic systems. Putzmeister places its trust in the benefits of free-flow hydraulics because the most important
performance factors are the concrete pressure, low-loss oil delivery and costs.

When large quantities of concrete are pumped, large quantities of oil also flow inside the hydraulic system. More power is transferred inside a closed free-flow hydraulic
circuit because the oil is conveyed from the pump to the drive cylinders without loss. The adapted hydraulic System ensures extremely powerful interaction between components because the oil Ratio is perfect. Compared to the open circuit, this ingenious drive technology requires significantly less oil and does not generate as much heat. The system is also economical to operate because it achieves a high degree of energy efficiency and is easy to service.

Download the FFH-Animation as a zip-File (830 kB)



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