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BSA with Stage 4 engines

The new BSA D4 stationary concrete pumps – low emission thanks to Stage IV Diesel engine

Since 1996, legislation has been introduced in Europe and in the US, which reduce the concentration of pollutants in the exhaust of diesel engines gradually. Since 01/01/2014 in Europe and the USA Stage IV or Tier 4 final applies for mobile construction equipment, including for stationary concrete pumps. Mobile machinery, which are taken  into service in the respective countries has to comply with the legal limits of stage IV.

Particularly in urban areas or in environmental zones, these machines can also be used in future without any problems.   The reduction of the emission limits for engines from 56 to 560 kW came into force in 2014. For this reason, the new BSA D4 models come with efficient exhaust aftertreatment systems.

They reduce soluble particles and diesel exhaust by using a diesel particulate filter (DPF). At the same time nitrogen oxide are reduced by using the so-called selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Putzmeister offers the latest generation of engines with the stationary pumps BSA 1407 D4, BSA 1409 D4, BSA 2109 H D4, BSA 2110 HP D4 and BSA 14000 HP D4.




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