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Long-reach boom pumps and bulk material conveyors at Hard Coal power plant Hamm construction site

RWE Power AG in Hamm, Westphalia, is investing around EUR 2 billion in the construction of one of the world’s most efficient coal power plants with a total output of 1,600 Megawatts. The placement of around 250,000 m³ concrete of different property classes and consistencies is predominantly carried out using Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps with up to 62 m placing boom height and two stationary PM placing booms. But a Telebelt TB 130 telescoping conveyor belt is also used on the vast construction site to deliver the different bulk materials.
The client has commissioned ALPINE Bau Deutschland AG (Industrial and Power Plant Construction, Dortmund branch) with the execution of the extensive earth, concrete and construction work for the two new power plant blocks “D” and “E” (order volume EUR 135 million). The two-block power plant with 2 x 800 megawatt power is being constructed on the site of a previously planned nuclear power plant and next to the high temperature reactor THTR-300, which has been shut down since September 1989.

The construction of the new power plant includes a building complex of engine and boiler houses, switching system buildings and water centre, four stair towers, seven silos with up to 10,000 m³ capacity for limestone, cement and ash as well as two 165 m high cooling towers.


Stationary boom grows to 55 m height with lattice tower

The order to deliver over 220,000 m³ of concrete was received by the concrete pumping service BEKA in Kerpen. Crucial in the assignment was the fleet composition of the pumping service, which consists of over 70 truck-mounted concrete pumps. The extensive concreting began in spring 2008. For the production of the bottom plate, which is 5 m thick in places, up to 6,500 m³ concrete (C35/45) were integrated wet in wet. To complete the numerous walls, floors and beams, the Putzmeister pumps are used here almost daily.
An interesting interaction between truck-mounted concrete pumps and stationary concrete placing booms can be seen during concreting of the power houses: The two PM stationary booms with 32 m horizontal reach are supported on a tubular column, or on a lattice tower, which is extended to up to 55 m in height as the construction progresses. Via a special tube support system, the delivery line is secured on the lattice tower. It is supplied with concrete at the bottom end by one of the BEKA truck-mounted concrete pumps.

Both the outer walls of the four stair towers, which are up to 120 m high, and the seven silos, which are up to 70 m high, are constructed using the sliding formwork procedure. It is important when concreting with sliding formwork that the concrete composition is adapted to the respective outside temperature and sliding speed. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Michnik, head of work preparation at the construction site said: “As the concrete is placed round the clock here, but only relatively small placement jobs are required, we work with a crane bucket. When using pumps, the concrete would otherwise set in the long delivery line!”



TELEBELT delivers dry tamped concrete and bulk material

While you come across PM truck-mounted concrete pumps at the power plant construction site in Hamm almost daily during the carcass construction phase, most of the Putzmeister Telebelt TB 130’s jobs are completed by now. The TB 130 is a mobile conveyor belt system, which transports unpumpable, pourable bulk materials into the site of concrete placement via a telescoping conveyor belt. Typical materials include excavated material, hardcore, sand, humus, bark mulch, granulate or extremely stiff, only earth-moist concretes. Here at the power plant construction site, the Telebelt - before installation of the cleanliness layer and the construction concrete – had conveyed dry filling and tamped concrete (consistence class F1) as well as sand and hardcore into the various pits. The building materials were initially passed onto the Telebelt feed conveyor either by truck mixers, truck tippers, mobile excavators or wheel loaders, in order then to be transported up to 39 m along the main telescoping conveyor belt and distributed with precision. The belt movements and the delivery rate are controlled by radio remote control, similar to the control of the PM truck-mounted concrete pumps. Even a slanted raising or lowering of the delivery belt is of course possible. The actual installation performance of the TB 130 depends on the type of bulk material, the construction site logistics, the waiting times between the batches, etc. The Telebelt is designed for an output of up to 270 m³/h (max./theor.). ALPINE Bau Deutschland and the subcontractor DÜCHTING hired the Telebelt from Euro-HochWeit AG (Waltrop).

New coal power plant with exemplary high efficiency

The two new power plant blocks of RWE Power AG in Hamm-Uentrop will be fired with coal and petrol coke. With an efficiency of approx. 46%, the new two-block plant will be one of the most modern and efficient coal power plants in the world. Blocks “D” and “E” should be connected to the grid by mid of 2012, and blocks “A” and “B” which have been in service since 1962/63 (output per 160 Megawatt) will be shut down.

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