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After the incineration of coal in coal fuelled power stations the resulting waste - like fly-ash from the electrofilters or bottom-ash from the boilers - has to be disposed. The most economic way of disposing different kinds of ashes is using a hydraulic transport system driven by Putzmeister Piston Pumps.

By using the Putzmeister KOS Pump Type for a mixture of both, fly- and bottom-ashes, can be transported successfully without operational disturbances. Due to the fact that this kind of pump has no valve between the inlet and outlet of the pump even coarse particles can pass the pump without stopping the process.

Putzmeister Piston Pumps are able to handle dry solid contents and reduce the water content to a minimum.
Due to the low water content the lifetime of the disposing area can be extended of a smaller disposing area can be designed. The environmental impact of large amounts of contaminated water will be obviously minimized.

In order to ensure the full integration of the systems into power stations, Putzmeister works closely together with the leading suppliers of power station equipment worldwide to complete subsystems for the transport. The pumping of fly-, coarse- and bottom-ash and sulphurization gypsum are further important application areas of  Putzmeister Solids Pumps in power stations. Putzmeister is able to supply complete systems for the parallel incineration of sewage sludge and waste coal in the coal-fired power stations to increase the economic efficiency. This turnkey solution consists of silos, solids pumps, pipework and includes all necessary equipment and services.




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